Dallas Chicken


How many years does a Dallas Franchise License run for?

A Dallas Franchise Agreement can run for term of 5 years with option for review and renewal for a further 5 years. Shorter and Longer terms can be given based on an individual’s application.

Is it possible to own more than one outlet of Dallas?

Yes. Once you have satisfied the management and operations team at Head Office that you possess the necessary business skills, finances and resources to operate more than one store efficiently, then Dallas can assist you in opening further Dallas outlets for you. Some of our franchisees operate more than one Dallas outlet.

What will be the total cost to the franchisee for starting a new unit?

The total cost depends on the size and location of the unit. Generally, the cost for a unit is in the region of approx. £80,000 to £100,000.

What Services can I expect as a franchisee from Dallas Head Office?

Dallas is committed to providing its franchisees the best possible success in operating their Dallas Stores and therefore provides unrivalled service. Please refer to our ‘post – approval section of Franchising with Dallas’ in this Brochure for more information.

What are the Royalty Payments?

Many fast food franchise operators charge a percentage of turnovers as their royalty amount, leading to expensive royalty payments. Dallas employs a fixed royalty payment taking into consideration sales, location and other factors making Dallas the only fast food franchisor offering cost effective royalty payments.

Does Dallas own all intellectual property marks?

Dallas strictly owns all copyrights, trademarks and patents affiliated with Dallas. A Franchise agreement allows the franchisee to trade using our Dallas Brand. Dallas employs legal specialists to track down the illegal use of our intellectual property, protecting our brand identity for Dallas and its franchisees.