Dallas Chicken



Dallas offers the most cost effective franchising option with low joining fees along with the cheapest royalty payment options within the industry ensuring that our franchisees success comes first and not the greed for profits unlike many other fast food chains currently operating in the UK, making Dallas a favourite amongst fast food franchisees.


To franchise with Dallas, we expect certain criteria’s to be met, which can only benefit you, the franchisee, in operating a successful Dallas Store. Following and meeting the following criteria can help ensure a successful and profitable Dallas store.

Location is perhaps the most important factor in determining whether or not to proceed with a Dallas Franchise. Without the right location, any business failure is imminent. Dallas favours locations in the near vicinities of Pubs, Clubs, Schools, High Street, Transport Links, Shopping Centres, Beaches, Tourist attractions, Commercial working districts and other areas of high footfall.

Should you want Dallas to source you a suitable property, this can be worked towards. Dallas works in conjunction with leading property agents in the country to source suitable properties for Dallas.

Potential Dallas Franchisees should not already be operating a business that directly competes against Dallas. Subsequently we encourage our franchisees to take on more responsibility in opening up further potential Dallas stores.

Personal character, commitment and experience are beneficial traits to possess when seeking to franchise with Dallas. We require our potential franchisees to be hands on with their franchise business and to work in conjunction with head office to become as successful as possible.


Dallas prides itself on the post approval support that it can provide to its franchisees outlets. Dallas operates many post approval strategies in-house to provide fast and quick support. We also work closely with third party organisations providing an almost immediate response. With franchisees who have worked with us before, they can provide our ultimate testimonial that staff at Dallas Head Office are available at any time, be it day or night, for advice, support and emergencies.


Dallas will continuously study the local area and trends for our franchisees to determine the necessary steps to take to remain competitive and successful. We closely monitor in coming competitors to the local area and pre-empt strategies to remain popular with the local community. Dallas also constantly liaises with late night entertainment operators and local authorities to work in unison with one another.

Eating, Health and Social trends are monitored to introduce and assist with product development and marketing campaigns.


For all franchisees, we strongly recommend that they participate in a two week training scheme at our Dallas Kingston outlet, which has also been dubbed our training centre. Our training takes you through kitchen and stock management, equipment handling and maintenance, customer and counter service, food preparation and cooking as well as management training.

Dallas can initially provide fully trained staff for your new outlets for an agreed period of time, to help train new employees and yourself.

Dallas provides operating manuals to assist with the operations within an outlet. The Dallas Team is on hand at any time in case of emergencies or urgent advice.


Dallas has vast experience in dealing with licensing applications, planning permission and other dealing with local authorities such as the Council and Police. Our in house legal team, in house architects and staff at head office can assist with applications or information queries.

Many of our Dallas outlets use our nominated chartered accountants and auditors A.D Williams and Co as their financial representatives. Working in house and also privately they are popular with our stores as they understand the operations of a fast food business and can undertake work with regards to financing.

Dallas Head Off ice has a dedicated procurement department scanning global companies in purchasing Dallas Branded Packaging. Brand Packaging is a vital tool used for marketing and advertising. Dallas supplies its branded packaging to its stores at competitive, if not, discounted market prices.


Dallas implements store visits to maintain its quality across all its outlets as well as mystery shoppers. We only purchase our branded packaging from firms who work according to their Corporate Social Responsibilities and hold the necessary national accreditations. Dallas takes it quality control very seriously and expects its franchisees to follow suit.


Dallas is available day and night at any time for store emergencies, such as security issues, shop front breakages, local authority issues, machinery failure etc. Our in house maintenance team can be dispatched with short notice and we are able to liaise with third party organisations on your behalf to rectify any issues. Dallas also operates an emergency stock delivery system. Should your outlet require immediate stock, you can reach us out of hours where we will endeavour to supply you accordingly. Dallas Outlets operate as a network, where each outlets is able to communicate and liaise with one another, should resupplying, advice and information be needed.


  • Fill out the Dallas Franchise Application Form. This is available at the end of this brochure, by contacingt head office or online at www.dallaschicken.co.uk
  • Initial meeting at Dallas Head Office to discuss your application in detail.
  • Find a suitable property for your Dallas Franchise. Dallas will assist and advise you on the right property for you.
  • Site and Franchisee approval
  • Payment of joining fee if applicable and signing of franchise agreement
  • Commencement of your staff training at our training centre for a minimum of two weeks, to understand all aspects of store management.
  • Commencement on shop outfitting either by Dallas or third Party. Dallas can source equipment, fixtures and fittings at discounted rates due to our vast buying power.
  • Complete training and shop fitments.
  • Ready to open up and trade! With the friendly and immediate assistance of Dallas Head Office.