Our Story

Dallas Chicken and Ribs is the creation of a seasoned veteran within the Fast Food and Restaurant Industry. Having worked at shop level, gaining valuable knowledge and insight to other major food retailers, he was able to apply his knowledge and skills in creating a brand of his own, thus giving birth to Dallas Chicken and Ribs. The first Dallas Store was opened in Tooting, London, which immediately created a whirlwind of success.

Dallas pioneered the Halal Fast Food movement in London, tapping into the large market audience of Halal eaters. Many fast food imitators followed suit, but they could not rival the success of Dallas. The first Dallas office was in a small, congested room above the Tooting shop, where together 5 other seasoned veterans were brought together to create the Dallas Team. It is here, where the expansion of Dallas commenced.

An expansion so great and quick, that the Team went on to hit targets of 5 to 10 shops per years, thus creating popularity and awareness. With the ever increasing expansion, came the need for more space.

Dallas Head office moved to small warehouse and office unit in Croydon, where in the year 2001, it implemented a bold growth strategy by creating the Dallas Distribution Network. Dallas Head Office had now begun to supply its outlets with bespoke branded packaging products and raw stock materials, a vital tool for its expansion, marketing and growth.

Our Story — Today

Today, Dallas Head Office operates out of 20,000sq ft warehouse and office premises, with in house accountants, legal officers, business development officers, franchising team, distribution team and our warehouse floor team.

All divisions of our office work closely with one another to maximise the attention and support that our customers and franchisees require and deserve. As well as Dallas Operating in the UK, it has now spread its wings to Europe and Asia where master franchises have been granted.

To this day, Franchise enquiries continue to come into our office on a weekly basis. Today the team possesses collectively over 50 years of experience within the ever increasing Fast Food Market. Dallas Chicken and Ribs prides itself in creating a strong business relationship with its franchisees as well as a personal relationship, going that extra mile, unlike any other franchise companies.